Insight into smart cat eyes for a new experience

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With the epidemic constantly escalating and spreading around the world, and ensuring the resumption of basic work, the people of the country have started a "foot-footing" life. It is also during this time that we chose the "chop hand" on the Internet. Compared to usual, we are looking forward to opening a package Surprise!
However, if you live in the bedroom, you may not be able to sign for the baby at the first time. When the courier comes knocking on the door, you may not be aware of wearing headphones. At this moment, you need such a black technology product!
Stylish appearance + intimate design show calmness and extraordinary style
The shape of this Danmini smart cat eye is very simple, different from traditional cat eyes, without too complicated design, with concise, neat lines and calm colors, it continues the highly idealized aesthetic characteristics of the design, showing calmness And extraordinary style, beautiful and generous, while meeting safety precautions, save space.
Upgrade with your heart
"Sound immersive, intelligent visual control" is the black technology of this Danmini video doorbell. Notify the user's mobile phone through the Danmini APP, in addition to remote viewing, the user can also connect to the cat's eye and conduct two-way voice communication with the visitor. If a suspicious person stays in front of the door, the PIR human body infrared sensor will be triggered, and the cat's eye will immediately shoot and push the alarm message to the user's mobile phone, thus setting up the first line of security for our home security.
Danmini Smart is a global intelligence platform, "AI + IoT" developer platform, connecting the intelligent needs of consumers, manufacturing brands, and retail chains, providing customers with a one-stop artificial intelligence IoT solution, and Covering the three aspects of hardware access, cloud services, and APP software development, it forms a closed-loop service of artificial intelligence + manufacturing, and provides business model upgrade services for consumer IoT smart devices to meet consumers' higher demands for hardware products.

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