Homecoming, danny mini cat eyes clasp the pulse of the times

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Focusing on the new normal of the economy, on seizing the opportunities of Made in China 2025 and Industry 4.0, through continuous improvement of the industrial level and core competitiveness, companies are seizing opportunities for industrial transformation, actively promoting the industry to enter the mid-to-high end, and accelerating the modernization of the entire region Development system. In the eyes of the outside world, I do not know much about the wisdom industry, and feel that I am a little far away from myself.
Some time ago, the eco-home section group of Jiangsu TV also reported that the product experience officer shared the disadvantages of using traditional cat eyes. There are hidden dangers in home security and it is miserable. Here I would like to introduce this familiar Danieli Cat Eye, which is used by friends around, to more confused consumers.
Appearance comparison: simplifying the design
Danmini caters to the overall fashion sense and cleanliness of home furnishings, in line with the home style layout. The body is made of metal titanium alloy, giving consumers a higher sense of experience.
The traditional cat-eye overall outsourcing is very simple, the appearance is not in line with the style of the home, giving a feeling of old-fashioned.
Smart Internet Contest: Visualization is the future, and traditional cat eyes are outdated
The biggest advantage of Danmini's Smart Cat Eye Door is that you can see who is the visitor directly on the screen indoors, which is suitable for the elderly who do not play smart phones.
The traditional cat's eye is not clear enough, the view is very vague, single function, does not support remote way to visually view the visiting information, the owner can not be notified in time if there is an abnormal situation outside the door, not to remind visitors immediately.
In summary, Danmini's smart cat's eye attracts consumers not only with the large internal screen display, but also its performance and stability are more satisfactory. Whether it is monitoring when there is someone outside the door, or night vision functions, field angles, and sharpness of the picture, the multi-faceted comparison is one of the best, and some advanced functions, such as PIR human sensing, infrared night vision, etc., are also relatively easy to use. Convenience.
In the future, Danmini will continue to rely on first-class platform carriers, high-quality projects and leading talents, high-quality artificial intelligence innovation, make full use of the smart cat-eye industry chain and service chain resources, and develop new technologies and products more efficiently and quickly, and promote intelligence. Collaborative innovation development in the home industry!

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