Hard-core security, Danmini smart lock linkage

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There is a very interesting phenomenon in the Chinese idol circle, from the fire of "Idol Trainee", to "Creation 101" becoming a phenomenon level, to the lock industry cooperation hot variety show to drive a new smart climax, seemingly behind the idol's economic prosperity There must be more tests!
Danmini Security + AI Past and Present
As smart door locks have entered the public's horizon through popular variety shows, smart homes have aroused everyone's curiosity.
Nowadays, in the context of policy support and C-end market demand, China's smart security industry is developing rapidly. Danmini's smart door locks restructure and innovate by rebuilding user experience and product services. In the future, we will provide diversified customized products and services for security vendors, and jointly create a more secure, convenient and intelligent security environment.
Product Competition: Avoid Product Homogeneity
Since the smart door lock is an emerging industry and has no experience to learn from, it is different from the traditional industry and has no experience to inherit. "For Danmini, companies compete not with experience, but with innovation.
Damini fundamentally solves the possible security problems of smart locks, constantly upgrades the software and hardware of the locks, and constantly faces and responds to various attacks and cracking methods.
Enabling multi-intelligent sensing devices such as smart locks through the original and original app unlocking technology, let them realize dataization and intelligence, and provide city managers with more intelligent and efficient management and control!
With the continuous iteration of new technologies, Danmini has incorporated new ideas into product innovation through continuous subversion. The distributed bus smart home operation model and product concept will meet the needs of most flat-level users and mid-to-high-end precision-furnished housing projects, leading China's intelligent security to prosperity.

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